B.27 Zachary's Law


Zachary’s Law directs the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to collect and make available information about offenders who have been convicted of sex crimes and certain violent crimes. Information collected by the Institute is widely distributed in a document known as the Indiana Sex and Violent Offender Registry.

Zachary’s Law applies only to offenders convicted after June 30, 1994. The primary purpose of this law is to ensure that employers have the information they need to hire an individual to work in a position that requires contact with minors.

  1. Employees

    In accordance with Indiana Public Law 11-1994, the University will conduct a criminal history check for individuals employed in assignments that involve children under age 18. This check will be conducted prior to employment and will be specific to convictions for sex offenses against children. A person who has been convicted of sex offenses against children as identified in Indiana Public Law 11-1994, will not be employed for assignments that may place children at risk, but may apply for employment in assignments deemed appropriate.

    Individuals who have been convicted of such crimes outside the state of Indiana are required to report to the local law enforcement authorities having jurisdiction in the area of residence their intent to reside in the state of Indiana for more than seven days.

    The law permits employers to terminate the employment of a person who works with children and is convicted of one of the crimes covered by Zachary’s Law.

  2. Students

    Colleges and universities were not originally considered to be among those institutions with a need to know the information contained in the sex-offender registry. The Institute for Criminal Justice has since realized that there are student internships, practicums, and volunteer activities that place students in structured and semi-structured settings with children. There is now the expectation that colleges and universities will consult the registry before placing students in such environments.


To view the online Sex Offender Registry for the state of Indiana, visit https://indianasheriffs.org/.