C.8 Worker's Compensation



  1. Coverage‌

    Employees of the University, including student workers, are covered by worker's compensation for injuries incurred while engaged in regularly assigned duties. Claims are processed in accordance with the State of Indiana Worker's Compensation Statutes. Benefits received for injuries depend on the nature of the injury, the duration and extent of disability, and the cost of medical and surgical expenses. Consecutive leaves due to a work related injury or illness will run concurrently with Family Medical Leave. 

    All accidents must be reported to the immediate supervisor of the injured employee within 24 hours. An Injury/Illness Report form should be completed by Public Safety, and/or the supervisor and forwarded to the Human Resources Department.

    The Injury/Illness Report can be found at https://www.usi.edu/media/vt4jkvsy/accident-injury-investigation-form.pdf and is available in the Human Resources Department.

  2. Medical Care for Injuries

    The USI Deaconess Clinic, located in the Fitness Center, Room 363, is the primary Worker's Compensation medical facility for the University. If more than first aid is required, the employee should be sent to the USI Deaconess Clinic. If an employee needs treatment during the hours in which the University Health Center is closed, the employee should be referred to Deaconess Comp Center located at 329 W. Columbia Street. However, if the injury or illness is such that hospital treatment is needed immediately, or during hours in which the USI Deaconess Clinic and Deaconess Comp Center are closed, the employee should be sent to Deaconess Hospital, 600 Mary Street. (If an employee receives treatment from any place other than the authorized facilities, the University of Southern Indiana may not be responsible for the charges.) All statements covering physician and/or medical expenses resulting from the injury should be forwarded to the Human Resources Department.

  3. Compensation

    After the worker's compensation claim has been reviewed by the insurance carrier, payment of the medical bills and temporary total disability compensation may be granted. The Human Resources Department or insurance carrier will advise the employee of the status of the case by letter, showing the amount of compensation payable under the law. The employee may choose to receive full pay during the seven calendar day waiting period by using accrued sick leave, vacation, or compensatory time. After the initial seven days, worker’s compensation pay, which is equivalent to two-thirds of full pay, will begin. The department supervisor is required to advise the Human Resources Department when an injured employee under worker's compensation returns to work, the number of lost work days, and any restricted work activity. Prior to returning to work, a signed physician’s release form should be submitted to the Human Resources Department. Human Resources will advise the department when an injured employee under worker's compensation is cleared to return to work and will work with the department on any work related restrictions prior to the employees return to work. 

       For more information bout worker's compensation please visit https://www.usi.edu/benefits/workers-compensation-insurance