D.5 Vacation Policy‌


Administrative Personnel: Chief administrative personnel (president, vice presidents, deans, and directors, including senior staff designated by the president of the University) and fiscal faculty will accrue vacation at the rate of 20 working days per fiscal year. Other administrative staff will accrue vacation at the rate of 15 working days per fiscal year. Upon the completion of five years of service, other administrative staff will accrue vacation at the rate of 20 days per fiscal year.

Academic year appointments are not eligible for vacation.

Professional Library Personnel: Professional library personnel will accrue vacation at the rate of 20 working days per fiscal year.

Support Personnel: Full-time support employees accrue vacation based on the following schedule:


Vacation Earned During Hours Per Pay Period
0-3 years 2.88
4-6 years 3.46
7-10 years 4.32
11 years or more 5.77

Vacation Policy Guidelines


  1. Vacation allowance will be computed on the basis of hours per pay period in regular pay status and years of service.
  2. Regular pay status time shall include scheduled regular work hours, paid sick leave, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid winter recess, and other approved paid absences. Overtime and special payments shall be excluded.
  3. Vacation time will be available for use upon accrual. Vacation periods must be arranged in advance with the appropriate supervisor.
  4. The maximum accrual at any time shall be twice the annual allowance. Vacation time will not carry over beyond the two-year maximum accumulation. After the maximum vacation allowance has been reached, no further vacation accumulation will occur until vacation time is used.
  5. At the time of separation from employment, unused vacation will be paid but may not exceed the allowable maximum accrual. The last day worked shall be the last day for which vacation leave is accrued. Holidays, when occurring during terminal leave, shall be excluded in computing the terminal vacation allowance. An employee terminating during the probationary period will be paid all accrued vacation.
  6. Vacation or other accrued time cannot be used in lieu of notice of resignation. An exiting employee must be physically present at their assigned duty on the final day of employment, unless approved in writing by the Executive Director of Human Resources, or designee.
  7. No employee may receive extra pay in lieu of accrued vacation.
  8. Vacation allowance will be paid at the salary or wage rate the employee is receiving at the time vacation is taken. Pay will not be advanced for the vacation period.
  9. Faculty members with fiscal year appointments are subject to the same working day calendar as regular administrative staff appointments. Therefore, the vacation allowance will be applied during periods when classes are not in session. Vacation time may not be taken during the teaching days of the academic year or summer sessions, unless prior approval is received from the provost.
  10. Vacation allowance will not be granted to temporary employees. Such employees appointed to a regular, full-time position would receive vacation allowance only for time served in the regular, full-time position.