F.22 University Strategic Communication and News Media Policy


University Strategic Communication

University Strategic Communication is a department within University Marketing and Communication. University Strategic Communication provides copy, photographs and video for publications, news releases, media pitches, the USI website, marketing materials (both print and digital) and other needs as they arise. The department also publishes illume, the University’s magazine, twice a year and is responsible for the creation and distribution of the internal e-newsletter USI Today two times each week. University Strategic Communication works with reporters on stories featuring USI personnel, students, and alumni, and serves as a conduit between the University and media outlets. University Strategic Communication also works closely with Content Marketing Specialists in the four colleges as well as other divisions around campus to tell the USI story and facilitate best practices in communication. University Strategic Communication manages flagship USI social media accounts and provides oversight and guidance to other University-related social media accounts.

News Media Policy

USI's News Media Policy (https://www.usi.edu/university-strategic-communication/news-media-policy#:~:text=News%20media%20are%20permitted%20to,without%20permission%20from%20the%20University) establishes the University’s position with respect to employee interaction with the news media, including representatives of print, online, television and radio outlets and all student media. It also serves as a guide for news media interacting with the University and University sources. Questions about USI's News Media Policy can be directed to USImedia@usi.edu.

Media Sources

USI faculty are one of the University’s greatest assets and harnessing the expertise of our faculty to engage with media on topics of human interest and breaking news is powerful. To that end, University Strategic Communication maintains a list of faculty who can provide expert information to media outlets on a variety of topics. If a faculty member would like to be considered for media opportunities, please complete the form at www.usi.edu/news/usi-faculty-and-staff-content-experts. Be advised that USI encourages media representatives to provide USI with as much lead time as possible to connect with sources, but deadlines are somewhat immediate more often than not due to the nature of print and television outlets.

Crisis Communications

University Strategic Communication is responsible, in consort with University Marketing and Communication, for helping to manage the reputation of the University and assisting with communication and messaging during times of University delays, closings or in times of crisis. The Chief Communications Officer maintains a comprehensive Crisis Communications Plan.

University Magazine

University Strategic Communication, under the direction of the Editor/Senior Writer, is responsible for producing the University’s magazine, illume, twice annually in print and digital format. Additionally, the department assists colleges and other departments with production, editing and distribution of  digital newsletters.

Photos and Video

Photography and Multimedia is utilizing a third-party gallery service that allows users password-protected online access to all images from their photoshoot. Galleries allow easy downloading of images as well as ordering prints or other photo merchandise. Photography and Multimedia’s website includes an easy-to- use online form to request photo shoots. Visit http://www.usi.edu/photography.

Photography and Multimedia will continue to provide employee headshots free of charge. *Video and multimedia projects (such as slideshows) created by Photography and Multimedia must be approved by the Chief Communications Officer. The primary focus is on marketing and recruitment videos. If the department cannot assist you with your project, it will do everything possible to connect you with other resources. Video or multimedia projects created outside of University Strategic Communication, and intended for an external audience, should be reviewed and approved by the Chief Communications Officer before being shared with external audiences through direct viewing, websites, social media or other means.

Videos intended for use on the USI website or public distribution should be sent to University Strategic Communication to be loaded first to the Universities YouTube or Vimeo channel

Branding Resources

A wealth of resources may be found at www.usi.edu/brand.

USI Social Media Accounts

The University is officially represented on Twitter at @usiedu, on Facebook at Facebook.com/USIedu, and on Instagram as USIedu. The University also maintains flagship accounts on Youtube, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok and will maintain official presences on other social media networks when appropriate. Social media guidelines for employees seeking to create affiliated social media accounts can be found at www.usi.edu/social-media.


The University does not lend its name to advertise or endorse commercial enterprises and products. Advertising in University publications and programs does not imply official endorsement.