F.16 University Keys‌


An employee whose job requires the possession of keys to University buildings, rooms, or equipment should keep those keys in a safe place at all times. University keys may not be duplicated except by the Physical Plant after appropriate authorization is obtained. Only one set of keys will be issued to each person requesting keys.

  1. Issuance of Keys

    Requests for keys are to be made in writing by completing a Physical Plant Work Request Form. The form should include the name and title of the person to whom the keys will be issued; the key numbers requested; the account number to be charged; and the signature of department head/dean and fiscal agent.

    Keys will be issued by the Physical Plant. Keys are recorded and are on file in the Physical Plant. If the request is not approved, the work request will be returned to the requesting department. If a key has been lost and a replacement key is needed, follow the procedure for key request.

  2. Lost Keys

    If keys are lost or found, the Security Office should be notified immediately by telephone and in writing. To obtain replacement keys, see "A. Issuance of Keys."

  3. Lending Keys

    Keys are the property of the University. The employee to whom the key(s) was issued is responsible for the key(s) at all times. Key(s) should not be loaned.

  4. Leaving Employment with the University

    Employees leaving employment with the University must return all issued keys to the Human Resources Department on or before the last day of employment. The keys will then be returned to the Physical Plant.