G.11 University Directory and Photo Headshot Database‌


The University’s online directory is located at https://www.usi.edu/directory/. The directory lists names, titles, photo headshots, departments, buildings and office numbers, office phone numbers and an email form for employees. The information is populated using employee’s official Banner records, as entered by Human Resources. A form to request directory changes, including an opt-out option for use of your headshot, is located on the same web page. A faculty and staff photo headshot database also is located at https://www.usi.edu/photography/headshot-database/.

The following are acceptable for the database photographs:

  1. A photograph taken by Photography and Multimedia within the past five years.
  2. Portraits older than five years will be scheduled and retaken by Photography and Multimedia.
  3. For individuals who cannot come to campus, a placeholder will be used indicating that no photograph is available.*

*Exceptions are sometimes made for adjunct faculty and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact Photography and Multimedia if you have questions. 

The full Headshot Directory Guidelines and Procedures can be found at: https://www.usi.edu/photography/services-and-fees/headshots