F.18 University Brand Standards‌


The University’s brand is an intangible asset, possibly one of our most valuable assets, comprised of much more than just a logo. But the USI logo, all by itself, must carry a lot of weight. It is the single most-used visual representation of what we were, are and aspire to be. And that is why we need to protect it.

Establishing a visual identity involves more than just creating logos. Graphic standards provide a sound, flexible structure for using the logos, brand colors and typography. Consistent brand application is essential. The logos must appear the same in every instance. They must have the proper color selections, be in the proper proportions and be used in appropriate contexts.

Academic Brand

The University of Southern Indiana has undergone a great deal of change since its founding in 1965. In 2014 we took stock of our brand and the decision was made to select the right symbol that would represent the essence of our University and distill that into a few simple strokes. No small task! The resulting image conveys our history as well as a long and bright future. Our academic logo borrows symbolism from the torch found in the University's seal. That torch was transformed into the "I" in USI. The torch's flame, a red blaze, signifies the illumination of knowledge (or an eagle's wing). The Academic logo is forward-thinking, innovative and accessible, and imbues a sense of openness and connectivity that is indicative of the USI brand. What started as a spark has kindled into a flame and is now a torch lighting the way, burning ever brighter as we continue our quest for knowledge — Knowledge for Life. 

In the Academic Brand Standards Guide (www.usi.edu/brand), the USI logo family is presented and the rules for their use are laid out. Consistency is the key. That is why you will find information for appropriately using the logos (word mark and USI monogram versions), color choices, typography (formatting, font) and application examples for the University and for the respective colleges and departments. Proper and legal use of the logos protects the University’s image and sets us apart from other institutions. All logos are registered and any reproduction of the logos should bear the registration mark.

academic brand

Athletics Brand

A University of Southern Indiana Screaming Eagle is many things, among them, competitive, tough, a good sport, proud, powerful and strong. That is a lot to live up to, but is exactly what the athletic logo brand seeks to convey. From the custom designed USI Bold font to the eagle's fierce eyes and beak, our research presented a clear mandate on what you expected and what has been delivered.

The Athletics Brand Standards Guide (www.usi.edu/brand) is a tool for coaches, staff, alumni, outside vendors, printers, businesses and other constituents to consistently use when reproducing the visual identity of USI Athletics. Proper and legal use of the logos protects the University's image and sets us apart from other institutions. All logos are registered and any reproduction of the logos should bear the registration mark.

A wealth of information exists on the USI brand website: www.usi.edu/brand including downloadable logo files, FAQs, brand standards manuals--colors, fonts, licensing information, Archibald Eagle use, stationery, appropriate University seal usage, name tags, email signature formatting, etc. If you have questions or need help with these tools, please contact University Marketing and Communication or University Creative and Print.

athletics brand