1. General Travel Procedures

    The University of Southern Indiana encourages faculty and staff to attend and participate in seminars and professional meetings. The University reimburses for travel expenses incurred for these purposes and for the conduct of the University business in accordance with the State of Indiana and the regulations governing travel. It is the traveler's responsibility to abide by all University travel regulations in order to receive reimbursement.

    Information about Travel Policy can be found at

  2. Authorization
    1. In-State

      The Travel Authorization is initiated by the traveler and is used by the University to authorize trips. Approval should be obtained before the date of departure to ensure travel reimbursement and insurance coverage. Required approval includes the traveler's supervisor and responsible financial manager. The Travel Authorization is to include all information requested. If certain information is not applicable, it should be so noted.

    2. Out-of-State

      The Travel Authorization for out-of-state travel needs to be submitted a minimum of three weeks in advance and be approved by the responsible vice president or provost.

    3. Out-of-Country

      The Travel Authorization for out-of-country travel needs to be submitted a minimum of three weeks in advance and approved by both the responsible vice president or provost and president.

    4. Local

      A Travel Authorization is not required for local travel. Local travel does not include an overnight stay and is within:

      1. Vanderburgh, Warrick, and Posey counties for support staff.
      2. a 50-mile radius which includes Kentucky and Illinois for the faculty and administrative personnel.


    5. Seminars/Conferences

      A person traveling on University business may request prepayment of a registration fee associated with attendance at a conference. A Direct Pay Form with appropriate support documents should be submitted in conjunction with the Travel Authorization. A registration fee will be processed after an approved Travel Authorization has been submitted and is on file (only exception is local travel). A copy of the registration agenda is required. If a registration fee is paid directly by the traveler, proof of payment is needed to process reimbursement. A copy of the agenda is required.

    6. Field Trip

      Faculty-sponsored field trips should be planned and organized with special care. Each dean is responsible for ensuring the University that the faculty member has completed details such as a Travel Authorization (for field trip insurance coverage), notification of student absences from other classes, etc.

      The Student Domestic Travel Policy can be found at

      The Travel Authorization form needs to be on file in the office of Travel Services prior to departing on any trip in order for the students to be covered by University insurance. Check with the office of Risk Management for a specific list of insurance coverage.

    7. Blanket Travel Authorization

      If considerable travel of a unique nature is required in respect to an individual's responsibilities, then a Blanket Travel Authorization may be processed.

      Effective August 1, 2007, an employee whose position requires travel, such as an admission counselor, athletic coach, or department head, does not need to process a travel authorization for trips formerly covered by the Blanket Travel Authorization. An employee who travels as part of his or her job responsibilities needs only to notify the appropriate supervisor of the travel dates and business purpose of the trip.

      Upon completion of the trip, the traveler should submit a travel claim for the business travel expenses and follow all reimbursement requirements. The Travel Reimbursement Request must include the business purpose of the trip and the appropriate financial manager’s signature.

      In the following situations, an approved travel authorization is required for each occasion of travel, even if a Blanket Travel Authorization is on file:

      1. Professional development travel, such as conferences, workshops, seminars, training sessions, etc. Most conferences require a fee to attend. If there is no fee or if the fee has been waived and the purpose is for professional development, then an approved Travel Authorization is still required.
      2. Out-of-state travel. Coaches and admission counselors are exempt from this requirement. Other exemptions may be approved at the discretion of the responsible vice president or provost.
      3. International travel.
      4. Field trip travel or student travel, including local trips. Refer to the Student Domestic Travel Policy found at
      5. Any business trip that does not fall within an employee’s job function or the above categories.


  3. Out-of-Town Travel for Support Staff Employees

    According to government regulations, a non-exempt employee who travels out of town on University business for one day need not be paid for time spent in traveling from home to the point of departure, but must be paid for all other travel time (except any time spent in eating while traveling). Employees who drive overnight are considered working all the time they are driving.

    ‌Where employees travel overnight on business (i.e., for more than one day), they must be paid for time spent in traveling (except for meal periods) during their normal working hours on their non-working days, such as Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, as well as on their regular working days. Travel time as a passenger on an airplane, train, boat, bus, or automobile outside of regular working hours is not considered work time by the U.S. Department of Labor. Any actual work the employee does while traveling remains work time. Additionally, if an employee drives a car without being offered public transportation, the travel time is considered working time. See Item D.11 for additional information regarding training for support staff.