B.20 Termination of Employment‌


Health Insurance

The medical, dental, and vision insurance will terminate on the last day of the month in which the employee terminates. Under the COBRA federal law, an employee may choose to continue the medical, dental, and/or vision coverage upon termination of employment. COBRA information and rates are sent to the terminating employee by the Human Resources Department or their designee

Retirement Plans

For faculty and staff members eligible for and participating in any of the University retirement plans, distributions of vested benefits may be available upon termination of employment. Additional information is available from PERF or TIAA-CREF; contact information is available at https://www.usi.edu/hr/benefits/retirement.

Tuition Fee Waivers for Credit Courses

If an employee has received a tuition fee waiver and terminates employment after the first day of class, the employee is not responsible for any fee repayment to the University.

Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Voluntary Group Term Life Insurance

Both life insurance programs provide for a conversion and portability privilege if executed within 31 days of termination of employment.

  1. Voluntary Resignation

    Resignation is a voluntary act initiated by the employee to leave his job for personal or professional reasons. The employee is expected to give at least two weeks' advance notice in writing to the department head and the Human Resources Department in order to separate in good standing. The notice should include the final date of employment and reason for leaving the position. An employee cannot use vacation or other accrued time in lieu of notice. An exiting employee must be physically present at their assigned duty on the final day of employment, unless approved in writing by the Executive Director of Human Resources, or designee.

    Unauthorized absence of three consecutive days without notice to the appropriate supervisor is considered a resignation.

    The University reserves the right to permit or deny an employee's request to rescind his resignation.

  2. Involuntary Termination

    The University reserves the right to terminate an individual's employment with or without notice and with or without cause. Termination for cause of a faculty member who has tenure or whose term appointment has not expired shall be upon the recommendation of the dean or director and the provost to the president of the University. The University may terminate an employee immediately for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Excessive absenteeism
    • Failure to perform job duties
    • Gross misconduct
    • Insubordination
    • Conviction of a felony or any other unlawful misconduct which adversely affects the University, its employees, or students
    • Breach of confidentiality regarding employee or student information
    • Sexually harassing/intimidating another employee personally or through electronic means
    • Illegal manufacture, possession, use, and/or distribution of drugs and alcohol or unauthorized consumption of alcohol on University-owned or leased property or as a part of any “University activities”
    • Threats, acts of violence, provocations or fighting
    • Theft or attempted theft of University property or property of other employees, students or those associated with the University.
    • Willful destruction of, or damage to, University property
    • Unauthorized possession of firearms, weapons, explosives or dangerous chemicals
    • Use of profanity in situations where it reflects negatively on the University
    • Participation in gambling games on University property
    • Falsification of information given on employment applications, timesheets, or other University records either paper or electronic
    • Falsification of information given in an internal investigation
    • Deliberate and serious violations of NCAA regulations
    • Other similar reasons


    Advance notice need not be given for termination in the above causes.

    In an emergency situation (as judged by the supervisor), the supervisor may suspend an employee pending an investigation by the Human Resources Department. However, suspension of an employee must be discussed with and approved by Human Resources. Termination of all non-faculty employees requires approval by the Human Resources Department.

  3. Final Pay

    The terminated employee's final wages are computed and paid on the next regular pay day after the last day worked. Accrued vacation is paid on the final paycheck; however, all accrued sick time is forfeited except in cases of retirement or death of a support staff member (See Section C.6, Retirement Policy). Faculty and administrative staff are not eligible to receive payment of their unused, accumulated sick time.

    Salary adjustments for part-time faculty and for nine- or ten-month faculty on summer appointment will be computed on a teaching-day basis if the faculty member must leave his assignment before the end of the contract. All other faculty, administrative and support staff salaries at termination will be computed on the basis of a five-day work week.

  4. Status of Benefits at Termination

    The following group benefits terminate on the last day of employment with the University:

    • Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
    • Long-Term Disability Insurance
    • Retirement Plan
    • Fee Waiver on Classes