A.4 State Control


The University of Southern Indiana is a public, state-supported institution, under the general control of a board of trustees, known and designated as the University of Southern Indiana Board of Trustees. Other State boards, offices and agencies exercise certain statutory controls and have specified duties and responsibilities pertaining to the operation of the University.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the operation of the University and is specifically empowered by statute to perform the functions outlined in I.C. 21-27-2. The by-laws and minutes of the Board of Trustees are available in the David L. Rice Library, in the Office of the President and on the web at www.usi.edu/trustee. The Board meets in regular session bimonthly and board committee meetings are generally held prior to the regular meeting of the Board. A schedule of the meeting dates and times is available in the Office of the President and on the web at www.usi.edu/trustee/meeting-schedule.

State Agencies

In addition to the specific grants of authority to the Board of Trustees, the administration and operation of the University are subject to a variety of rules, regulations and statutory requirements which have general application to public institutions and corporations. Among those are:

Indiana Commission for Higher Education - The general purposes of the Commission are the following: (1) plan for and coordinate Indiana’s state supported system of postsecondary education; (2) review appropriation requests of state educational institutions; (3) make recommendations to the governor, budget agency or the general assembly concerning postsecondary education; (4) perform other functions assigned by the governor or the general assembly, except those functions specifically assigned by law to the state workforce innovation council under I.C. 22-4.1-19; (5) administer state financial aid programs under I.C. 21- 18.5-4; (6) provide staff and office space for the board for proprietary education established by I.C. 21-18.5- 5-1. In addition, the Commission is authorized to approve new graduate-degree programs and may review (with the power to approve or disapprove) new associate, baccalaureate, graduate degree programs in any academic area.

State Budget Committee - The State Budget Committee is composed of the state budget director, appointed by the governor, and the State Budget Committee, which is a bipartisan committee of four members, two appointed by the Senate and two by the House of Representatives. The Budget Committee has general supervisory control over the budgets of the various departments of state government including that of the University of Southern Indiana.

Indiana Professional Standards Board - The Indiana Professional Standards Board has statutory authority over teacher education and licensure. The Board approves teacher education programs at Indiana colleges and universities and issues Indiana teaching licenses. The University's teacher education programs are approved by the Professional Standards Board, and students who complete teacher education programs at the University and are recommended for licensure by the University certification advisor are licensed by the Professional Standards Board to teach in Indiana Schools.

State Board of Accounts - The State Board of Accounts prescribes the basic procedures for financial accounting and budgeting of University funds and performs financial audits of University accounts.

Other State Agencies - The state auditor, the state treasurer and the attorney general have responsibility for certain elements of administration which come within the designated functions of their offices. The state fire marshal periodically inspects University buildings for conformance to regulations. The State Board of Health is concerned with health and sanitation conditions, especially in the areas of food service and student housing.