F.15 Standards of Conduct


As a public institution, the University must conduct its business in a manner which is beyond reproach. The actions of University employees must be, and must appear to be, proper. There are rules for accepting gifts or favored treatment, protecting confidential information, and the use of University materials, supplies, and equipment. The rules of conduct are more fully explained below:

  1. Gifts or Favored Treatment

    Employees should not accept a gift from someone not employed by the University. Do not accept favored treatment from anyone, internal or external to the University. This may give the appearance of impropriety and, depending on the situation, it may, in fact, be improper. In either case, acceptance of a gift or favor is not appropriate.

    (This does not include the acceptance of items of nominal or minor value that are clearly tokens of respect or friendship and not related to any particular transaction or activity of the University. Honoraria received for consultation or a professional service is not considered gifts or favored treatment for purposes of this policy.)

  2. Confidentiality

    As part of an employee's job responsibilities, the employee may have access to confidential information. It is very important that this information be treated properly and not released to any unauthorized person. Budgets, salaries, institutional plans, confidential data regarding employees, students or the University are examples of such confidential information.

  3. College Assets and Personal Business

    As part of an employee's duties, University assets will be used to perform responsibilities or while representing the University. Employees should not use University materials, supplies or equipment in order to conduct personal business. Personal visits, personal mail, and telephone calls should be kept to a minimum. Under no circumstances should long distance personal calls be made at the University's expense. Also, when using a University motor vehicle, transportation should not be provided to family, friends, or anyone other than those authorized by the University.

  4. Standards of Conduct

    The University will not tolerate any act or threat of violence, physical or sexual abuse or any harassment as defined by law, regulation or statute directed toward any member of the University community, its students or visitors to campus, events or facilities. Such behavior is to be reported to the proper University authority immediately; action consistent with other University policies and procedures and governmental laws and regulations will be followed.