E.10 Salary Schedules and Position Classifications

  1. Salary Schedules for Support Staff‌

    Support personnel are paid in accordance with established salary schedules. Salary schedules and wage scales are evaluated each year.

    It is the policy of the University to maintain salary rates for all classes of personnel, which are comparable and competitive with pay for similar positions in other higher educational institutions and local industry. Salaries are limited by the funds available for University operations.

  2. Position Classification for Support Staff

    Position classifications provide a system for organizing and grouping positions within the University for the purpose of determining ranges of compensation. All support positions are evaluated and assigned a classification based on the knowledge, skills, ability requirements, and level of responsibility required to perform the job.

    A department head may request a reevaluation of an existing position for possible reclassification through Human Resources. Information will be requested from the department and the position incumbent by Human Resources. Upon a review of the documentation and other relevant information, Human Resources will determine the classification.

    If a reclassification is approved, adjustments in salary may be made based on available resources. If a reclassification is not approved, an appeal may be filed with the vice president of Finance and Administration. Disagreements over classification level assignments are not subject to the Conflict Resolution Procedures.

    Contact Human Resources for additional information on the classification process.