F.26 Purchasing Procedures


The Procurement Department is responsible for the purchasing of all supplies, equipment, and services for the University. The University will not be responsible for any order given either orally or in writing to a vendor by any member of the staff or administration without prior authorization by the Procurement Department.

Purchases should be planned well in advance to obtain the best price, quality, and delivery terms. All purchase orders for supplies, equipment and services will be issued by the Director of Procurement upon receiving a Requisition from the requesting department. Securing competitive quotations/bids may be necessary for specific types of purchases or dollar level. The following guide is provided to enable the buyer to secure goods and services in an effective and timely manner:

Purchase of less than $25,000 A minimum of one quote is required
Purchase of $25,000 and greater Three quotes or a sole source form is required

The Director of Procurement may suspend quotation/bid requirements when unforeseen emergency situations arise.

Unauthorized purchases that do not follow established policies/procedures may result in the University employee being financially responsible for payment to the vendor.

The most current information on the Procurement Guidelines and Procedures are available on-line at www.usi.edu/procurement/purchasing-policies.