B.17 Promotion or Transfer‌


It is the policy of the University of Southern Indiana to promote employees into vacant positions of higher classification whenever possible. However, an employee must meet the necessary requirements to qualify for promotion or transfer. The employee's record with the University will be a factor in determining whether there shall be a promotion or transfer. Areas of consideration include work history and performance of previous assignments, ability and qualifications to perform the work with or without reasonable accommodations, attendance record (not including extended periods of sick leave due to serious illness or injury or approved leaves of absence), and educational background.

Employees have the opportunity to apply for open positions. Vacancies at the University are posted on the Human Resources Web site at www.usi.edu/jobs and posted on the bulletin boards located in the hallway outside the Human Resources office and in the front lobby of the Wright Administration Building.

If an employee wishes to be considered for promotion or transfer to a vacant support position, go to the USI employment page, www.usi.edu/jobs, to create an account and submit your application and application materials. 

An employee who accepts a position in another college/department at the University should give his present dean/department head a two-week notice. If circumstances permit, an earlier release date might be obtained; however, a department may not hold an employee longer than two weeks following the notification of the transfer unless special arrangements are made between the parties involved.