Procedures for Promotion‌


  1. Rank-Eligible Teaching, Clinical and Library Faculty

    Procedures may vary among the colleges and academic units with respect to promotion evaluations. However, all colleges are to utilize at least one evaluation of each applicant by a committee of faculty peers at the department or college level plus an evaluation by the dean. Evaluations at both the departmental and college levels may be appropriate and necessary in some areas. Evaluation procedures shall be written and distributed to all faculty within the college or academic unit. The procedures and deadline dates listed in this section of the University Handbook apply to all colleges regardless of additional evaluations that may be performed.

    Applications for promotion are available in the Provost’s Office and can be initiated as follows:

    1. An individual member of the teaching faculty who meets the minimum criteria and requirements for promotion may submit an application to the department chair or dean as appropriate for evaluation and action.
    2. Faculty members who are not under the direct jurisdiction of a dean may submit promotion applications to their immediate supervisor or director, who should follow the procedures outlined for deans.
    3. A faculty member's completed application for promotion must be transmitted to the appropriate dean or director by the first Monday in November.