F.31 Posting/Chalking Policy‌


Campus Posting Policies

The campus posting policy applies to all forms of posting. Language that harasses, threatens, or creates a pervasively hostile environment is not permitted. Posting on campus is restricted to University departments, registered student organizations, and academic classes. 

All posting must have the name of the University department, registered student organization or academic class, and follow all posting policies and procedures. Posting of flyers or literature is prohibited on car windows, light poles, sidewalks, building doorways, trash cans, or unapproved locations. Violations of the campus posting policy should be reported to the Dean of Students Office (DOSO).

Posting Guidelines and Procedures

1. Bulletin Boards
Flyers and posters must meet the guidelines stated in the first section of this policy. Preferred size is 8.5" X 11" but not to exceed 11" X 17" and must be secured by using pushpins or thumbtacks. Bulletin boards and posting areas are defined for use as follows:

  • Bulletin boards identified as designated or general University posting areas may be utilized by University departments, registered student organizations, academic classes, and approved non-University firms or organizations. Requests by non-University firms or organizations must be made in writing and submitted to the (DOSO). To obtain a current listing of all designated or general University posting areas, contact Special Events and Scheduling (SES).
  • Bulletin boards identified as restricted are under the jurisdiction of a college, department, or administrative office and are for their use only. Permission to post on these board may be requested from the appropriate college, department, or administrative office.
  • Groups or individuals using designated bulletin boards may bring ten (10) copies to Special Events and Scheduling (SES) (UC 017) to be posted by a member of the SES staff. Flyers/posters are typically posted on Tuesday of each week. Provide the SES staff with the flyers/posters by end of day Monday. If this deadline is missed, groups or individuals may post flyers/posters with approval from SES office or postpone hanging until the following Tuesday. SES reserves the right to delay the posting of flyers/posters during peak times if space is limited. 
  • A public bulletin board is available for off campus groups or for non-University related activities held off campus, with permission from the DOSO. The DOSO is located within the Center for Campus Life on the main level of University Center East, Room 1256 in Fireside Lounge, and can be reached at 812-464-1862 or you may email deanofstudents@usi.edu. The public posting bulletin board is located on the ground level of University Center East.

2. Banners
Banners may be hung by registered student organizations and University departments outside the University Center building in designated locations. UC banner space is available on a first-come, first-served basis with SES, but can be scheduled in advance to secure space. Banners cannot exceed a standard twin sized bed sheet (66”x96”) that hangs vertically. Banner materials cannot contain wood or metal. SES will provide, free of charge, approved anchors that will not present a risk to people or property. After removal, banners not picked up from SES office (UC017) within five business days will be discarded.

3. Staked Signs/A-Frames
Staked signs and A-frames may be utilized by registered student organizations and University departments. Staked signs, maximum size of 18” x 24”, and A-frames, maximum size of 36”x36”, are allowed in specified lawn areas along the sidewalks and roadways if they do not block or overhang onto a walkway, driveway, or street. Staked signs and A-frames must be set 18 inches from the sidewalk edge. Staked signs and A-frames are prohibited in certain areas. Contact SES for a map of approved locations. Any signs posted in prohibited locations will be removed and discarded. 

Only directional signs for campus events may be posted in the boulevard median with approval from SES. All signs must be removed within 72 hours after the event or removal charges for removal may apply.

4. Table Tents
Registered student organizations and University departments may generate table tents for placement in the University Center only. To place table tents, permission must be obtained through SES. Table tents must be assembled and able to stand upright prior to delivery to SES. Unauthorized table tents will be removed. SES reserves the right to postpone the placement and limit the number of tables tents during peak times if space is limited.

5. Chalking
Chalking is allowed by registered student organizations and University departments to promote scheduled events on outdoor concrete (non-brick) sidewalk areas that are exposed to the weather and can be easily washed away by rain.

  • No chalking on the side of the buildings, walls, ramps or steps.
  • Only brands of chalk identified as standard sidewalk chalk are allowed. Spray chalk, chalk pens, chalk paint and other similar products are prohibited. 
  • Counter-chalking is not allowed. Counter-chalking is defined as chalking that occurs either directly on original chalking or in proximity to original chalking. 
  • Facility Operations and Planning charges for cleanup may apply at the expense of the sponsoring department or organization. 

6. Literature and Handbills
Literature and handbills may be distributed on campus by registered student organizations, University departments, and approved non-University firms and organizations in accordance with the following:

  • Individuals distributing shall not hawk, shout, or accost individuals.
  • The distribution may not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • Literature or handbills discarded on the ground in the general area of distribution are to be picked up by the sponsoring group.
  • The distribution of materials may not be in an area reserved by another organization and may not impede another scheduled activity or event.
  • The distribution of materials may occur only in outdoor public locations. Materials may not be distributed inside University buildings.