F.20 Political Activities‌


It is assumed that all members of the staff may exercise their rights as citizens, may affiliate with and be active in the political party of their choice, and as individuals may support candidates, parties or governmental measures as they desire.

The University, as a public educational institution, must necessarily be nonpartisan in all of its political and governmental relationships and does not support any political party or candidate for public office. Members of the staff who participate in political activities, support candidates, or become candidates for public office do so as individuals and, as such, must not use University facilities or the University name or involve the University in any way in connection with such activities. Political parties or organizations may use University facilities for meeting purposes on a rental basis the same as other civic and social organizations or groups. Such use, however, may not in any way imply the University sponsors or supports the organizations, their purposes or their programs.

Students are allowed and encouraged to become members of and be active in recognized student political clubs. This activity is recognized as a valuable contribution to their political and civic education. These clubs have faculty sponsors the same as other student organizations. From the standpoint of the University and the faculty, the purpose of these clubs on campus is educational, and they must not be used as a means of propagandizing or campaigning to further the political interest of any member or group of the faculty or administration.

In conducting the official business of the University, it is necessary to deal with many federal, state and local government officials and the Indiana General Assembly. The Governor and the Indiana General Assembly are responsible for and have authority over many aspects of the operation of the University. Also, many aspects of University business must be conducted through various state officials and boards. These relationships are conducted by the president of the University, the University of Southern Indiana Board of Trustees, or other representatives of the University as authorized by the University of Southern Indiana Board of Trustees or the president of the University. Unless authorized by virtue of an individual’s official position or by designation as a representative of the University of Southern Indiana Board of Trustees or the president, no member of the faculty, administrative or support staff may speak officially for the University or enter into any negotiations which involve commitment or obligation on the part of the University of Southern Indiana Board of Trustees or the University administration.

To a considerable degree, the success and welfare of the University depend on harmonious relationships with and support of the Governor, the Indiana General Assembly, and other state officials and boards having direct or indirect control over the conduct of University affairs. It is expected that this will be recognized by all members of the faculty, administrative and support staff and that these relationships will be conducted on a nonpartisan basis and in a manner which will be in the best interest of the University.

The policy concerning political activities extends to federal, state and local officials.