D.13 Parental Leave Policy‌


Effective July 1, 2015, full-time, regular (non-temporary), benefit-eligible faculty, administrators and support staff are eligible for up to ten consecutive working days of paid parental leave per fiscal year, following the birth of their child, or upon either the initial placement for adoption or the legal adoption of a child under the age of 18.

  1. The parental leave must be used within the first 12 (twelve) months of the event (birth, adoption or placement for adoption). The parental leave is available only as one leave of up to 10 consecutive days. Parental leave pay is not available for intermittent or reduced schedule use.
  2. The event (birth, adoption or placement for adoption) must occur during the period of employment and after the effective date of the policy. This policy does not provide a benefit for the placement of a foster child.
  3. Employees are limited to one leave per fiscal year and one leave per child.
  4. Employees are limited to one leave per birth or placement/adoption event; for example, a total of ten paid working days are available in the event of a multiple birth.
  5. Should the University employ both of the biological or adoptive parents of the newborn or newly placed/adopted child, the parents are entitled to a combined total of ten working days of paid parental leave.
  6. Parental leave and the associated pay are only available and only need to be used for normally scheduled work days. For example, employees do not need to use parental leave pay for days off for which that employee is otherwise qualified to be paid – e.g., a holiday, winter recess, or, for faculty, spring break. Academic year employees such as nine or ten-month faculty and administrators shall not receive parental leave pay outside their regular academic year appointment period.
  7. Available paid parental leave shall be utilized in conjunction with other paid time off (such as sick pay, family sick pay, compensatory time for support staff, or vacation) for which the employee is eligible, in the order of the employee’s discretion.
  8. Leave granted under this policy will run concurrently with Family Medical Leave (FML) in cases where an employee is eligible for FML. When the employee is not eligible for FML, the parental leave will run concurrently with the University’s Personal Leave of Absence (PLOA) policy.
  9. Employees must communicate proactively and at the earliest possible date with their respective departments/colleges regarding the timing and coordination of the leave. Faculty members must review plans for coverage of responsibilities with their chair and dean and receive dean approval.
  10. Employees must complete and submit a Leave Request Form to Human Resources with supporting documentation at least 30 days in advance of the expected event date in order to access this benefit. If the need for parental leave is not foreseeable, the employee must contact both Human Resources and the employee’s supervisor as soon as practicable.