Outstanding Teaching Award for Adjunct Faculty‌


  1. Rationale for the Award

    This award is given to an adjunct faculty member to recognize outstanding teaching. Because effective teaching is the most important contribution of faculty to the University’s educational mission, development of a high level of effectiveness is worthy of recognition by the University.

  2. Eligibility and Selection‌

    Nominees must be currently teaching adjunct faculty members who have taught part-time a minimum of three consecutive semesters or for one semester of three consecutive years. Past recipients of the award are ineligible to receive the award more than once. No self-nominations may be made. Members of the Faculty Awards for Service, Teaching and Research Committee may not nominate or be nominated during the period of their service on the Faculty Awards for Service, Teaching and Research Committee.

    Distribution of nomination information, establishment of deadlines, evaluation and selection of recipients will be made by the Faculty Awards for Service, Teaching, and Research Committee.