F.10 Noncredit Programs‌



  1. Instructional Programs

    All noncredit instructional programs offered under the auspices of and carrying the name of the University of Southern Indiana (including workshops, short courses, conferences, contract and customized programs, teleconferences, and similar programs) are to be coordinated by Lifelong Learning within Outreach and Engagement. Lifelong Learning has responsibility for arranging and scheduling noncredit programs in order to coordinate efforts, manage program budgets, and/or maintain systematic records, which reflect University commitments and achievements in educational outreach. Proposals for noncredit activities will be reviewed to assure compliance with University policies and procedures, to insure fiscal integrity of the program, and to maintain University standards regarding promotion and publicity for the program.

    Income realized from noncredit programs and activities for which academic departments are co- sponsors will be shared with the academic department according to a formula to be determined by Lifelong Learning and the academic department chairperson. Academic departments also share responsibility for covering budget deficits. Faculty members must obtain written approval from the appropriate dean and department chairperson before participating in a noncredit activity.

  2. Conferences

    All University-sponsored conferences at which attendance is to be solicited, whether as a registration fee or at no charge, are to be scheduled through a conference/program coordinator within Lifelong Learning, Outreach and Engagement. Details on services provided, procedures, and costs are available from Lifelong Learning.

  3. Student Organization Programs

    Noncredit programs sponsored by student organizations are to be scheduled through Scheduling Services.