B.16 Introductory Period‌


  1. New Employees

    Regular support employees must initially serve a 90 day introductory period upon employment. The introductory period serves as a training and familiarization period and provides assurance that the person employed can satisfactorily fulfill the requirements of the position. During this time the employee's work is under careful review. Areas closely observed by the supervisor may include: quality and quantity of work, knowledge of and interest in one's work, cooperation and dependability, attendance, and punctuality.

    At the end of an employee's introductory period, a New Employee Evaluation Form is completed and discussed with the employee by the supervisor. At this time, the employee will be given an opportunity to comment on the evaluation and to sign it, acknowledging that the evaluation was discussed by the employee and supervisor. The completed evaluation form will then be sent to the Human Resources Department to be added to the employee's personnel file.

    If an employee's performance is unsatisfactory during this period, the employee may be terminated upon the approval of the executive director of Human Resources. However, if the employee does not meet the job requirements of the position, the employee may be eligible to apply for another vacant position for which the employee is better suited. This option is available only to those who have extended every effort to meet the job requirements of the position; it is not available to those who willfully perform poorly or violate University policy. If it is decided at the end of the initial introductory period that the employee has not had sufficient time to satisfactorily complete the introductory period, the dean or department head may request in writing that the period be extended for up to an additional 90 days with the approval of the executive director of Human Resources. During the extension period, all conditions of the introductory period will continue.

    During the introductory period, benefit eligible employees are entitled to paid holidays and winter recess days. Vacation, sick time, and other benefits determined by length of service will accrue during the introductory period. Staff members may use accrued vacation, accrued compensatory time, and accrued sick time during the introductory period, subject to the terms of those policies (D.5, D.6 and E.8). The introductory period may be extended if time off is incurred during this period.

  2. Current Employees

    Support staff changes involving both lateral transfers and promotions are subject to an introductory period of 45 days, with a supervisory option to extend up to 90 days.