D.4 Holidays


The University observes the following holidays:


New Year's Day Juneteenth
Good Friday Labor Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day and the day preceding and following
Fourth of July Christmas plus two working days

When holidays fall on weekends, the University may designate another day as the holiday.

Eligible employees may receive holiday pay regardless of the length of time they have been employed. When University offices are closed on holidays, eligible employees working in such offices will receive pay for normally scheduled working hours; this pay will not be charged against the annual vacation allowance for the employee.

Employees working in areas/departments where continuous service is essential (i.e. certain physical plant and security employees) may be required to work on a designated holiday. Employees who are required to work on a University recognized holiday will receive an alternate day off to use within the same week or be paid for the holiday in lieu of a day off, at the University’s discretion.

Holidays will be counted as time worked for purposes of overtime pay calculation.

To be paid for these holidays, an employee must be in "pay status." In "pay status" is defined as:

  1. having worked the approved scheduled work days before and after the holiday, or
  2. being on an approved absence with pay.


If the employee terminates employment with the University, he will not be paid for a holiday occurring after the last day worked or contractual employment ends.

The president may authorize additional days off during the Christmas holiday period as winter recess days.