F.34 Firearms / Weapons Restriction on Campus‌


Violations of any part of this policy may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination or expulsion. Additionally, based on the circumstances, the violation may be referred to the appropriate law enforcement or environmental safety authorities for prosecution.

Weapons – Possession, use or transportation of any weapon, as defined below, on any university owned, operated or leased property, without prior authorization from the Director of USI Public Safety or designee is prohibited.

Explosives – Any device which is intended or designed to explode or any device which a reasonable person would believe, either through appearance, markings or otherwise, to be a device intended or designed to explode. This includes all fireworks.

Firearms – Any device such as a rifle, handgun or shotgun, that is capable of shooting a projectile. This includes any device that may be perceived as a firearm due either to appearance, situation or markings. Examples include but are not limited to, air soft, BB, paintball, pellet, water, replica or counterfeit look-a-like firearms.

Knives – Possessing, carrying or using any knife with a blade longer than three inches.

Other Dangerous or Deadly Weapons – Ammunition, arrows, batons, blow-darts, blow-dart guns or tubes, bows, brass knuckles, martial arts weapons, electronic stun devices, sling shots, swords, throwing stars, or other dangerous or deadly weapon.

Any Object Intended for Use as a Weapon – Any object intended for use as, or used as, a weapon, regardless of the original purpose of the object.

Personal Safety Device (Chemical Spray) – Persons are permitted to carry chemical spray, that is sold for personal protection, however persons choosing to carry chemical spray are responsible for ensuring that they are properly secured, maintained, only used for defensive purposes and according to manufacture instructions.


Law Enforcement - Sworn law enforcement officers authorized to possess firearms.

Educational Purposes - Certain weapons may be approved for academic instruction or research purposes. Prior authorization from the Director of Public Safety or designee is required.

Any further questions on this policy should be directed to the Public Safety at 812-464-1845.