C.28 Faculty/Student Expectations‌


Students are expected to attend all classes. Each instructor will inform his/her students of the consequences of absences from class. It is the responsibility of the student to keep instructors informed regarding his/her absences from classes.

Students who expect to be absent from classes should confer with their instructors prior to the absence. Students who miss classes are not excused from their obligations to instructors.

The instructor is expected to give students an opportunity to meet class obligations based upon an evaluation of the student's reason for absences.

The faculty member is expected to assume the following responsibilities:

  1. Announce attendance requirements to each class.
  2. Report excessive absences of students to the dean and registrar.
  3. Keep students on class rolls unless officially dropped.
  4. When turning in semester grades to the Registrar’s Office, report the last day of attendance as well as the final grade for any student whose final grade is the result of non-attendance.