Faculty Research and Creative Work Grants‌


Funds have been made available by the USI Foundation to support faculty research and creative work at USI.

  1. Rationale for the Awards‌

    The University encourages and supports faculty development with these awards for creative work, applied research, and basic research. Proposals to initiate new research or creative work, continue research or work in progress, or complete a project are eligible for funding. A record of successful research or creative work will be considered but is unnecessary to receive an award. Merit of the project will be the essential factor in the award decision.

  2. Eligibility and Selection

    Full-time USI faculty may apply for an award either individually or in a group. The deadline is on or before the first Monday following the University's Spring Break. Late proposals are not accepted.

    The Faculty Awards for Service, Teaching, and Research Committee will evaluate all proposals meeting the guidelines and addressing all components of the Proposal Outline and assign them an order of priority. The Committee will carefully evaluate compensation for supplies and expenses, travel to research sites, support services, minor equipment, and consulting and professional services.

    Awards may fully or partially fund a proposal. Committee decision and applicant notification will be made by letter one month after the application deadline by the Office of the Provost. Awards will be made by the Provost according to the Committee's priority.

    If a recipient received financial benefit as a direct result of the award, then the recipient may be required to reimburse the Faculty Research and Creative Work Fund the amount of the award. In addition, recipients must comply with University policy regarding intellectual-property management.

    Copies of the policy guidelines and proposal outline are available from the Provost’s Office and the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Administration.

    The Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Administration staff will assist faculty with the preparation of a proposal.