Faculty Community Service Award‌


Provision has been made for the recognition of excellence in community service in the form of the Sydney L. & Sadelle Berger Faculty Community Service Award. A monetary award together with an appropriate tangible symbol will be presented to the recipient during Honors Day at the recipient’s College program in the spring semester.

  1. Rationale for the Award

    This annual award is given to a member of the faculty to recognize his/her distinguished community service. The faculty itself will be solely responsible for identifying candidates, and the procedures for identifying them should be kept as simple and flexible as possible. No quantitative criteria -- such as rank, years in rank, years at USI, etc. - designed to limit nominations need apply. Only those qualitative criteria which denote distinguished community service need be considered.

    The Faculty Awards for Service, Teaching and Research Committee will consider a broad spectrum of community service ranging from balanced activity in several areas to exceptional service in a single area. Volunteer services to groups, agencies, and institutions external to the University will be considered. Services involving monetary compensation, such as consultation fees, are not acceptable for this award. The Faculty Awards for Service, Teaching and Research Committee will be assisted by a representative from the community in selecting the award recipient from among the nominees.

  2. Eligibility and Selection

    Nominators and nominees must be full-time, voting members of the USI faculty. Past recipients of the award are ineligible to be nominated again. No self-nominations may be made. Ex-officio members of this committee who otherwise qualify to nominate or be nominated for the award will be continuously eligible but if they do nominate or are nominated will be excused from the committee's deliberations and selection.

    Distribution and receipt of forms, establishment of deadlines, the conducting of further investigations, evaluation and selection of recipients will be made by the Faculty Awards for Service, Teaching and Research Committee and a representative from the community. The committee is not obligated to select a recipient each year.