G.12 Distribution Services


The USI Distribution Services team facilitates the processing and delivery of mail, parcels and packages to campus faculty, administrative staff and support staff each year. The network includes delivery stops at each college and department, and the collection and processing of all outbound business mail, packages and interoffice correspondence.

Most items that are delivered to campus are received and processed through the Distribution Services team. The department receives and delivers operating supplies from freight shipments. The department also supports the Physical Plant during new and remodel construction, by providing acceptance and storage of both new and used furnishings for pending projects. As well, the department manages the receipt and repurposing of all excess campus furnishings and the collection and processing of recycled lighting and print cartridges.

The Distribution Services team provides preparation and design consultation for the production and processing of large and small business and mail marketing projects for the colleges and departments. Such services include list management, addressing, folding, inserting and tabbing. The team also facilitates management of any mailing activities that are provided by outside vendors. The team is also the primary contact for all communications and business with the U.S. Postal Service.

Use of University Distribution Services

Access to the University delivery network is controlled by Distribution Services. The use of University mail permits and postage affixing devices is limited to authorized Distribution Services personnel. Mail or packages handled by USI Distribution Services are subject to search or seizure if there is reasonable suspicion that the contents are lawfully prohibited, prohibited as stated below or are unsafe for delivery.

Whenever possible, USI Public Safety will be involved in search or seizure. Prohibited, restricted or limited use of the USI delivery network is outlined below:

  • Use of the delivery network for dissemination of non-business materials or non-business information is prohibited.
  • Personal mail should not be placed into USI logo or USI printed return address envelopes.
  • Personal mail cannot contain the University 8600 Blvd return address.
  • Deposit of personal outgoing package shipments into the University network is prohibited.
  • Incoming personal mail is not allowed.
  • Off campus business article pick-up and delivery requests will be considered, when time permits and at an additional expense. Each requires prior approval by the manager of Distribution Services.