C.10 Banking Options



  1. Credit Union‌

    Credit Union membership is available through Liberty Federal Credit Union, a cooperative organization owned and operated by its members. Membership is open to all University employees and members of their families. Once an individual is a member of the Credit Union, he can maintain membership for life.

    The Credit Union offers a variety of savings plans and low-cost loans to its members. Further information is available in the Human Resources Department or by calling the Credit Union at (812) 422-8204 or (800) 800-9271 or visiting its website at https://libertyfcu.org/

  2. Other Banking Options

    Several local banks offer employee benefit banking packages that provide employees with premium banking services. The banking package allows the employee to receive special rates and discounts that are not available to the general public.

    For more information about the available banking packages, contact the Human Resources Department.