D.1 Attendance/Punctuality


Punctuality and regular attendance on the job are essential in accomplishing the mission and objectives of the University. Failure to be on the job not only disturbs the smooth functioning of the employee's own job, but also has a detrimental effect on other University operations and employees. Therefore, all employees are expected to be at work and on time every day they are scheduled to work.

In case of an unavoidable tardiness or absence, staff members should advise their immediate supervisor of the reason for and expected length of the absence. Failure to report absences to supervisors within a reasonable amount of time may be grounds for disciplinary action. An employee who is absent from work for three consecutive work days without notifying the supervisor or dean/department head is considered to have abandoned his position and will be terminated.

The consequences of excessive, unsatisfactory attendance or improper notification are covered under the Disciplinary Policy (See Section B.19, Disciplinary Actions).

Any absence must be reported on the employee's time sheet (See Section E.3, Payroll: Time Reporting, for time reporting information).