Article VI: Organization and Responsibility of Faculty Members


Section 1. Establishment of Faculty Committees

Upon the presentation by a Faculty Senate member of a list of functions for a proposed committee, the Faculty Senate will decide whether there is sufficient justification for its creation and, if so, will establish the committee.

Section 2. Membership of Faculty Committees

The membership of elected faculty committees will be recognized by the Faculty Senate.

Section 3. Responsibility of Faculty Committees

All faculty committees are responsible to the faculty through the Faculty Senate. Faculty committees will file copies of the minutes of their meetings with the secretary of the Faculty Senate.

All policies proposed by the faculty committees will be submitted to the Faculty Senate for consideration. In receiving recommendations or proposals from committees, the Faculty Senate will either:

  1. Accept the proposal or recommendation without alteration.
  2. Accept the proposal or recommendation with alteration. In such cases, the alterations will be communicated to the submitting committee.
  3. Refer the proposal or recommendation to the submitting committee with a recommendation for further study.
  4. Reject the proposal or recommendation with a statement of reasons.


Proposals accepted by the Faculty Senate will be submitted in accordance with Article II, Section 2 of this Constitution.