A.5 Article V: Authority and Functions of the Faculty Senate


Section 1. Authority of the Faculty Senate

All matters appropriate for faculty action may be submitted to the Faculty Senate. Proposals for consideration by the Faculty Senate may be presented by any faculty member. Such proposals must be in writing and must be delivered to the secretary or chair of the Senate at least one week before a meeting of the Senate.

Section 2. Functions of the Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate shall:

  1. Prepare revisions of the By-laws.
  2. Supervise and be responsible for faculty elections.
  3. Create faculty committees, recognize the elected members, and define the responsibilities and authority of such committees.
  4. Fill, for the unexpired term, vacancies, which occur in any faculty committee.
  5. Serve as a board of appeals for faculty committee actions that are unsatisfactory to those areas affected by the actions.
  6. Serve as a channel of communications in matters of faculty between the academic faculty and the administration.
  7. Serve as the representative agency of the academic faculty in matters of faculty affairs.
  8. Participate in the formulation of basic policies pertaining to faculty welfare.
  9. Participate in the formulation of basic policies governing the campus buildings and their development.
  10. Assist in any endeavor to improve the functions of the University and assist in planning for the future development of the University upon the request of the president.