Article IV: Membership of Faculty Committees


Section 1. Procedure for Selecting Members of Faculty Committees

The procedure for selecting members of faculty committees will be as follows:

  1. Each academic college will elect its representative to each of the standing committees by April 1.

    Representatives from the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Nursing and Health Professions will be elected in odd-numbered years; representatives from the Romain College of Business, and the Pott College of Science, Engineering and Education will be elected in even-numbered years except on Faculty Committees where each college is represented by two members. In these cases, one member will be selected each year. Members should serve two-year terms and may be re- elected to serve one successive two-year term. Faculty Committees with two representatives per college include:

    1. The Curriculum Committee as identified in Article V Section 1 of the By-laws.
    2. The Faculty and Academic Affairs Committee as identified in Article V Section 2 of the By-Laws
    3. The Economic Benefits Committee as identified in Article V Section 4 of the By-laws.
    4. The Faculty Awards for Service, Teaching, and Research Committee as identified in Article V Section 8 of the By-laws.
  2. The Faculty Senate will confirm the election of new members to the standing committees during the first four weeks of each academic year. The secretary of the Faculty Senate will inform each committee member in writing of the appointment and the term of the appointment.
  3. The president of the University may appoint ex-officio, non-voting members to each committee.
  4. In addition to the standing committees, as provided for in Article V of the By-laws, the Faculty Senate may appoint special or ad hoc committees as the need arises. They will be directly responsible to the Faculty Senate for their actions.
  5. Faculty committees may form subcommittees as the need arises. Subcommittees will be directly responsible to the committees which form them.
  6. Each committee will elect its own chair and secretary from among its voting members. The chair will be elected before the end of the spring semester for the ensuing year. The election of the secretary may be postponed until the first meeting of the fall semester.