Alcohol Policy at Sponsored Events


Policy Statement

The University of Southern Indiana is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe academic environment that reflects high standards of personal responsibility and behavior. This policy permits the responsible use of alcohol in moderation by persons of legal drinking age at sponsored events on University-owned or -leased property in accordance with these guidelines. Alcohol abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The laws of the State of Indiana and the policies of the University of Southern Indiana regulate the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages. When alcohol is served or consumed, event guests and alcohol providers are expected to comply with these laws and policies.

The possession, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages are subject to the following policies and procedures.

Types of Events

Alcoholic beverage service is prohibited at events primarily designed for University of Southern Indiana students under the legal drinking age. The service of alcohol to student groups over the legal drinking age will be considered on a case by case basis.

The types of sponsored events for which the service of alcoholic beverages may be approved include, but are not limited to:

  • University Events: Events sponsored by the University or USI Foundation that include but are not limited to traditional or historical events such as homecoming or alumni events; special events such as building dedications or commemorative galas; receptions and dinners for invited guests; or fundraising and/or donor recognition/development events.
  • External Events: Use of facilities for events sponsored by individuals or organizations for wedding receptions, banquets, or civic and business organizations.


Access to an event where alcoholic beverages are served will be controlled by the group/person hosting the event.

Approval Process to Serve Alcohol

A Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages Agreement Form must be completed and submitted to Special Events and Scheduling Services to obtain approval to serve alcohol at a sponsored event.

All requests to serve alcoholic beverages must be submitted to Special Events and Scheduling Services at least three weeks prior to the event or the request may not be approved.

Serving of Alcohol

Sodexo is the exclusive provider of alcoholic beverage service on the campus of University of Southern Indiana. For sponsored events held on University-owned or -leased properties outside of 8600 University Boulevard, alcoholic beverages must be completely catered by an established firm that is currently licensed by the State of Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission with an “off-premises” permit.

It is the responsibility of the USI event planner to arrange for alcoholic beverage service with the caterer at least three weeks in advance of the event.

Neither University staff nor the guest will be permitted to provide beverages, serve beverages, or in any way handle beverage service. All persons engaged in the service of alcohol must be agents of the licensed caterer.

If a guest at a sponsored event where alcoholic beverages are being served appears to have exceeded their consumption limit, the designated server must discontinue serving alcoholic beverages to the individual.

Compliance with Indiana Law and USI Policies

No one under the legal drinking age will be served alcohol; identification will be requested to verify eligibility for anyone appearing under 26 years of age.

No alcoholic beverages will be served to any group of students at any function where it is reasonable to expect consumption by persons under the legal drinking age.

To ensure that no one under the legal drinking age is served alcohol, a sign at the bar stating that one “must be 21 years of age or older” will be displayed. The caterer or bartender will be instructed to ask for proof of age.

No alcoholic beverages will be served to an intoxicated person.

Event Promotion

Events may not be promoted in terms suggesting that a primary focus of the event is to consume alcohol (e.g., “kegger,” “all you can drink,” “happy hour,” “free drinks,”etc.).

Food Service

In accordance with the State of Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission statutes, food service must be available at any sponsored event where alcohol is served. Such food must be available in quantities appropriate for the number of persons expected to be at the event. Minimum food service required by the State of Indiana consists of hot soups, hot sandwiches, coffee, milk, and soft drinks. Alcohol service must cease if food is no longer available.

Time of Service

If a meal is being served at an event, then alcoholic beverage service may not exceed two-and one-half hours total.

At a reception with a substantial amount of food but no meal served, then alcoholic beverage service may be served for a maximum of two hours.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

A variety of non-alcoholic beverages must be offered and available at any event where alcohol is served. Signage will be required to include the availability of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.


Alcohol must be served and consumed within the area defined in the Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages Agreement Form. Alcoholic beverages may not be carried or otherwise removed from the approved area.

Events with alcohol may occur only in the following buildings or venues approved by the President or the President’s designee.

  • University Center
  • McCutchan Art Gallery
  • Griffin Center
  • Performance Center Lobby
  • Screaming Eagles Arena Varsity Club Room – designated for members only or their registered guests
    • Serving is limited to a maximum of one hour each time the bar is opened.
    • The room must be cleared of all members five minutes before the start of the game and at the start of the second half.
    • The room must be cleared one hour after the game ends.
    • Controlled outside venues.
  • Screaming Eagles Arena Suites - designated for contracted entities only.
  • Controlled outside venues.

Subject to the guidelines in this policy, other venues may be approved by the President.

Purchase of Alcohol and Carry-Out License

Individuals or businesses cannot donate or give away alcohol. It must be acquired through a distributor or restaurant with a carry-out permit and proof of purchase must be provided.

No individual or group may bring alcohol to an event.

Alcohol cannot be auctioned off unless the venue has a carry-out license.

For sponsored University events, expenditures for the purchase of alcohol may not be charged to University General Operating Accounts. Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased with state or federally appropriated funds.


A Public Safety Officer or an officer of another law enforcement agency is required to be present at events where alcohol is served. The number of officers required will be dependent on anticipated attendance, at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety. Public Safety will make all arrangements for the scheduling of officers. The event sponsor/host is responsible for payment of this required service.

Unapproved Service of Alcohol

Events found to be occurring without approval or necessary permits will be immediately shut down and the appropriate Vice President will be notified. Willful or repeated failure to adhere to policy protocols will result in revocation of the right to use University property for events.

Insurance and Indemnification

Any business currently licensed by the State of Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission with an “off- premises” permit who is approved to serve alcoholic beverages on University-owned or leased property must comply with insurance requirements as determined by Risk Management. For more information, contact Risk Management at

University Rights

The University of Southern Indiana reserves the right to deny admission, alcohol service, continued attendance at an event, or to stop an event while in progress, without any recourse or cause of action by the event sponsor against the University.


Upon request and for good cause, the President or the President’s designee may waive any provision of this policy.

This policy is written in accordance with State of Indiana statutes and code cited in Title 7.1, Articles 1-3 and 5 ( and Title 905 of the Indiana Administrative Code ( Additional information is available from the Indiana State Excise Police: