B.7 Administrative Procedures for Student Workers‌


Undergraduate and graduate students work in a variety of temporary, part-time positions within the University. Pay is on an hourly basis in accordance with the established student wage scales or minimum wage. Student employment is a means for students to help defray the cost of their college education. It also provides students with an opportunity to develop personal and work-related skills in a professional environment. Student jobs are not designed to provide a student's sole support. Students are not eligible for employee benefits.


  1. Employment of Students

    At the University, student employment includes both regular and work study employment. Regular student worker employment is coordinated through the Career Services and Internships Office and work study student worker employment is coordinated through the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

    To be considered eligible for student employment, a student must be enrolled in and regularly attending a minimum of six credit hours during each fall and spring semester; exceptions are noted below. Student workers, who are enrolled at least half time (six hours per semester or two hours in each summer session) are exempt from FICA withholding for all hours worked during any period of eligibility. During the summer, any student worker not enrolled at least half time (two hours) in summer term while working for the University will have FICA taxes withheld from his wages. The only exception to this requirement is that if a student is in his last semester of completing a degree, he can be enrolled in fewer than six credit hours and remain FICA exempt. The student FICA exemption does NOT apply during school breaks of more than five weeks (summer) if the student is not enrolled in classes. The student remains FICA exempt during breaks of less than five weeks (spring break, semester break, etc.) if the student will still be enrolled at least half time, and will not be a benefit-eligible employee when the academic session resumes. A student who is employed by more than one on-campus department must inform his/her on-campus employers of his/her work schedules in other departments.

    Academic departments or administrative offices needing student help should notify the Office of Student Financial Assistance or Career Services and Internships for referral of qualified students.

    After a student is selected for employment, the college/department must complete a Student Employment Notification form. Regular student workers should hand carry the form to the Human Resources Department and work study student workers should hand carry the form to the Office of Student Financial Assistance. The student will be required to complete tax forms and I-9, unless the student is currently employed by the University and the paperwork has already been completed. The student should be advised that if the federally required information is not on file, the student can not work until all of the required documentation has been received by Human Resources.

    Students are required to submit time sheets bi-weekly. (See Section E.3, Payroll: Time Reporting for additional information on payroll procedures.)

  2. Termination of Student Workers

    Student workers are hired on a temporary basis. Student workers may resign at any time and for any reason; likewise, the University may terminate a student worker at any time and for any reason.

    A student is expected to meet the responsibilities required of the position. Failure to uphold any of these responsibilities or violation of University policies should result in disciplinary actions or termination.
 However, serious violations of University policy or all involuntary terminations of student workers must be discussed with the executive director of Human Resources before action is taken.